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CAVE HOMO is a QUEER creative project. We showcase members of our community who inspire us to be our complete selves unapologetically. Participants show aspects of themselves that might otherwise go uncelebrated, for an intimate and vulnerable look into their lives. Queer Art and Creativity are the core of Cave Homo, and Volume II firmly establishes that.

Volume II is a 7.5"x10", 108 page, full color gloss, offset printed magazine. It is a hand numbered edition limited to 666 copies, self published and self distributed. It is a double issue with two covers. Our publication is strictly in print, as we believe it is invaluable and are compelled to contribute to the medium's bright, vibrant future. In addition to the magazine, two stickers, a post card and 22"x34" 50lbs newsprint poster are included.

The section dedicated solely to the out queer professional skateboarder Lacey Baker is comprised of two original, all female crew shoots by photographers Allison Michael Orenstein and Tatum Mangus. Photographer Paul M. Roura also contributed images from his collection of work with Baker. Lacey recently won the Street League Skateboarding Super Crown, The Berrics's "Populist" vote for 2017, picked up major sponsorship joining the Nike SB Team, and is at the forefront of the industry. Volume II gives us a look into the daily life and skateboarding, as well as a peek at an almost alternate reality of who Lacey is. In this collection of photographs, Baker takes control of the public's perception by giving us a look at an out and proud queer, juxtaposed with a feminine image that was suggested by society, but was not chosen. It encourages us all to embrace the power found in being true to ourselves.

The inverse section introduces Cave Homo VISUALS, over 70 pages exploring the work of 17 contributing queer artists selected by Cave Homo's creator, Luke Williams. The work includes a range of disciplines from street art, illustration, performance, photography to painting, and sculpture.  While varying in mediums, Luke found a common thread in the work of friends that expresses a freeform visual narrative of the queer experience, inclusive of diverse sexual identities, gender expressions, races, body types and backgrounds.

VISUALS includes masterful works by:

David Wojnarowicz
Ryan McGinley
Brendan Fernandes
Chuck Nanney
James Unsworth
Jesse Harrod
Steven Harwick
Jon Key
Bill Thelen
Steven Miller
Juan Manuel Gudiño
Homo Riot
Chris Bogia
Paul M. Roura
Christopher Schulz

VISUALS is concluded by Paul M. Roura's photographs of out gay professional skateboarder, Brian Anderson, giving us an intimate follow up of what Brian has been up to since the release of our inaugural issue which featured him exclusively. A portion of Volume II's proceeds will benefit The Trevor Project.


Volume I is a 7.5"x10", 60 page, full color matte, offset printed zine about the out gay professional skateboarder, Brian Anderson. It includes his drawings, collage and customized clothing as well as photographs taken by Christian Trippe exclusively for Cave Homo. After over 20 years of media capturing Brian and his illustrious career, Cave Homo Volume I was the world's first look at Brian as an openly gay man, limited to 666 hand numbered copies. In addition to the magazine, two stickers, a post card and 22"x34" 50lbs newsprint poster are included.The issue raised a $4,000 donation to The Trevor Project.